On February 3, environmental activist Greta Thunberg accidentally exposed how anti-India forces are trying to create unrest in India. Her multi-layered document named ‘Toolkit’ exposed several organizations, celebrities, and leaders for conspiring against India. One such name that popped up is the Poetic Justice Foundation.

Co-founded by Mo Dhaliwal, a Canadian resident and Khalistan supporter, and Anita Lal, another resident of Canada and Khalistan supporter, Poetic Justice Foundation started a campaign under the ‘Global Day of Action’ format.

According to the document accessed of the Poetic Justice Foundation campaign, it had a dedicated plan that went back as far as January 3, 2021. The organisation had prepared a step by step guide for the global campaign to malign India. One of the slides in the presentation was one that detailed their ultimate ‘objectives’.

While the rest of the objectives are rather expected, one listed objective is rather intriguing.

The fourth objective in the list states, “Disrupt “yoga & chai” image of India in general”.

It is well known that PM Modi had once worked as a tea seller. Also, he had put Yoga on a larger international platform that resulted in the inception of International Yoga Day in 2014. These two aspects of the campaign’s objectives have nothing to do with the farmers, but it is about causing damage to India’s image on an international platform.

However, one wonders if there could be more to this than meets the eye.

It is widely known that detractors of Prime Minister Modi call him ‘chai’ in order to insult his humble beginnings. Furthermore, speaking of “Yoga & Chai” image of India appears a bit suspicious as it is not normally said that India has a “Chai’ image.

Chai (tea) is a prominent aspect of Indian day-to-day life but hardly anyone ever hears anyone associating ‘Chai’ with India’s image abroad. Therefore, it could very well be that it is a codeword for Narendra Modi.

Thus, while the “chai” part of the objective could mean PM Modi, one wonders if the “yoga” part of the objective means Yogi Adityanath.

It is no surprise that Prime Minister Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath are a thorn on the liberal side the world over. Furthermore, Yogi Adityanath is perceived by many as a politician who could become India’s Prime Minister someday. After Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, he is easily the BJP’s most popular politician at the moment. Therefore, it will not be surprising if a dedicated campaign is launched to undermine his popularity.

One remembers the demeaning and racist headlines in the western media against PM Modi and Yogi Adityanath.

There was this motivated cover of TIME magazine, featuring an article that was written by Aatish Taseer, an anti-Hindu ’eminent media person’ who regularly spews venom against India in western media.

As for Yogi Adityanath, The New York Times went as far as to call Yogi Adityanath the head of a militant temple and insulted the Gorakhnath Temple, one of the most important Temples of the Nath Tradition in Hinduism.

Of course, the same New York Times went on to hail the Christian values that Biden is bringing to the US government, however, it is no secret how racist western media operates. For them, any entity that upholds the culture of Bharat and does not denigrate Hinduism to uphold western values, becomes a bigot and a militant, whereas, actual terrorists often become humanitarian activists.

This deep seated racism does not come as a surprise to anyone, neither does the fact that the global establishment appears to have been activated to bring PM Modi and CM Yogi Adityanath down.

In that context, it would not be too far fetched to wonder if the one of the objectives of the manufactured protest is to ensure that the image of PM Modi and Yogi Adityanath are tarnished. Since Amit Shah is considered the ‘right hand man’ of Prime Minister Modi, any effect on the Prime Minister will rub off on him as well.

This would also not be the first time that such political plans have been cloaked behind activism, not just by global protestors and foreign funded NGOs but even our own politicians.

Right before the 2019 general elections, Rahul Gandhi, the then President of the Congress party gave a rare interview to India Today. In the interview, Rahul Gandhi spoke about a host of subjects including the Congress’ strategy to ‘defeat Modi’ in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. However, there was one extremely revealing segment, where the malice of Rahul Gandhi and the servility of the interviewer was starkly visible.

In one segment, Rahul Gandhi interestingly reveals his true plans and talks about how one of his primary goals during campaigning was destroying the image of Narendra Modi.

In this segment, Rahul Gandhi says that when he started off, he asked his partymen what Narendra Modi’s strength was and they said, his strength is his incorruptible image.

Rahul Gandhi says that his response was “Okay, I’m going to rip that strength to pieces. I’m going to take it and shred it”. He then asserts that he has managed to do just that because he was ‘persistent’.

With the current revelation, it becomes important to then connect the dots. We recently reported how Congress had tweeted content verbatim from the ‘toolkit’ that was inadvertently tweeted by Greta Thunberg, thereby exposing the global plan to tarnish India.

In fact, the organisation that has set out this goal is co-founded by Mo Dhaliwal, a Canadian resident and Khalistan supporter, and Anita Lal, another resident of Canada and Khalistan supporter, Poetic Justice Foundation started a campaign under the ‘Global Day of Action’ format.

In a video that has recently surfaced, Dhaliwal makes it clear that these ‘farmer protest’ is just the beginning.

In the video, he clearly says that the “repeal of the farm bills is not the end but the beginning of our struggle”. Now, if these protests really were just about the farm laws, however misplaced, one would not expect to hear that the “struggle” would continue even if their demand was met.

We have exposed time and again how these protests have a distinct Khalistani design to them from the beginning and the intricate role of the banned Khalistani terror outfit Sikhs for Justice. Now, with Mo Dhaliwal, who is also a self proclaimed Khalistani admitting that these protests are not really about farm laws, it appears that one of the main objectives of this “struggle” is to take down PM Modi, Amit Shah and Yogi Adityanath and “chai and yoga” are merely code words for the same.

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