Cuban smokeshow Cindy Prado tantalized her 2 million Instagram followers with one of her latest shares, a stunning series of snaps taken while she was abroad in St. Barths, as the geotag indicated. Cindy had a pale blue yoga mat set up on a wooden patio area with a breathtaking view. Part of the space was covered by a wooden awning, but the sun shone down on the majority of the area, illuminating Cindy’s fit figure.

She had a few items from the brand Vital Proteins nearby, and the mat itself featured branding from the company, who Cindy has posted about on her page before. She tagged the brand in the caption of the post as well as in the first slide, in case her followers were interested in exploring their offerings.

In the first image, Cindy showcased her yoga skills by balancing her entire body on just her forearms, her head on the ground and her legs in the air. She rocked a pair of skimpy black booty shorts that clung to every inch of her sculpted rear, and had one leg bent and the other extended behind her in an impressive pose. She paired the shorts with a long-sleeved crop top that likewise hugged her slender figure and highlighted her physique. Her blond locks tumbled down, spilling over her forearm and pooling around her head.

She kept her figure upright in the second shot, her forearms secure on the mat and her legs bent above her. The sun shone down on a portion of her bronzed skin, although some of her body remained in the shade, and her peachy posterior was on full display in the sexy shot.

For the third and fourth slides, she shifted her position, striking a warrior pose in one with her body elongated and her arms outstretched, and continuing to stretch out and flaunt her flexibility in the other. The fourth shot also gave another glimpse at her surroundings, showing that the patio area was bordered with plenty of lush greenery that made the space look like paradise.

Cindy’s fans absolutely loved the update, and the post racked up over 19,000 likes as well as 193 comments within 20 hours.

“That view,” one fan wrote, not clarifying whether he was referring to Cindy or St. Barths.

“So gorgeous,” another follower remarked.

“So strong,” a third fan chimed in, followed by a flame emoji.

Earlier this week, as The Inquisitr reported, Cindy tantalized her audience with a series of snaps taken in Miami Beach, Florida. She rocked an upside-down bikini top and matching bottoms for the occasion, and the sexy set showcased her physique to perfection as she basked in the sunshine.

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