Jaipur: Various police districts of Jaipur police through their DCPs have begun a campaign to educate women and girls on the laws and legislations that can safeguard them.
Though poster campaign AWAZ (Action Against Women-related Crimes and Awareness for Justice) is getting popular the girls and woman in school and colleges, senior officers are reaching out to girls and women to make them aware of various laws related to outraging of modesty, eve teasing and even rape.
Senior police officers are visiting schools, colleges and localities where officers brief gatherings mainly consisting of women and girls on the laws and legislations.
“It has been very successful. The idea is to educate girls and women about their rights especially laws and legislations which they can use in case of distress. We are also pasting various posters with the help of all our four police districts in various police station areas,” said Richa Tomar, DCP (Metro), who is monitoring the campaign on Tuesday.
She added that the campaign was also aimed at gender sensitisation and on other issues. “We are also educating the girls and women on how they can be safe while using their social networking accounts. What kind of precautions they should take? Also, we are inviting boys and men in these camps to urge them to be respectful towards women,” she added.
The tagline of the campaign is ‘Sashakt Naari Surakshit Naari’ which is advocating on the need of empowering woman to make them safe. “The campaign was launched on February 1 and till February 15 we will visit various schools, localities and colleges to make more and more women and girls educated towards their rights and laws available in case of distress,” said Abhijeet Singh, deputy commissioner of police (East).
In the posters, there are caricatures of boys getting into eve-teasing and a message stating eve-teasing is a crime. “We are not just saying outraging modesty of a girl is a crime, we are also pasting the punishment that deals with outraging modesty,” said a senior officer.
Also, police have distributed posters with helpline number 1090 for women who are being harassed through social media.

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