In this day and age, where lot of people are taking to a natural way of life, as far as dealing with health issues are concerned, it doesn’t come as a surprise to know that a celebrity like Mira Rajput Kapoor swears by natural, desi remedies for common ailments.

In an earlier interaction with Bombay Times, the actress spoke highly about home remedies that come quite handy to her. She said, “The so-called nuskhe were primarily in use back in the days. Now we have just surrendered ourselves to the not-so-natural options even for common diseases. However, I still take to the home remedies, which I saw my folks using while growing up.”

Talking about her personal healthy routine, she says, “I feel if you get some infection, then deal with it naturally, before thinking of popping pills? To avoid it all, I start my day with tea, which is a mix of warm water, ginger and haldi. If anybody at home catches seasonal flu we have kadha. Or at night we just have a spoon of honey and ginger or a pinch of black pepper and cinnamon and in the morning you feel better. I know this doesn’t sound as easy as popping a pill, but it is far more effective and natural.”

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