The cold winter months are gradually giving way to warmer days and nights. The days are not far when, very soon, we will be in the middle of hot, sweltering summer. The summer months can be taxing and brings with it many health problems. From dehydration to heatstroke to digestive issues, the hot summer months can take a heavy toll on your overall health if you are not too careful. Another painful summer condition is ulcers in the mouth. There are many reasons why this may happen and it is not necessary that you get mouth ulcers only in summers. You may get it at any time of the year. But, in summers, you have a secret weapon to fight this condition, and it is your humble coconut water. Also Read – 6 benefits of drinking coconut water during pregnancy

Mouth ulcers are quite common, especially if your daily meal includes spicy food and is deficient in nutrients. It also happens when you are stressed or if you smoke a lot. Whatever the reason, mouth ulcers are painful and often affect your ability to talk and eat. But drinking coconut water early in the morning for a day or two is all you need to do to deal with mouth ulcers. Also Read – 7 sure shot natural remedies for mouth ulcers

An effective Ayurvedic remedy

According to Ayurveda, excess heat in the body manifests as mouth ulcers. And especially during summers, you have a high chance of getting mouth ulcers due to excess heat in the body. So drinking a glass of coconut water early in the morning helps in dealing with mouth ulcers. Coconut water is not only rich in nutrients but also contains 94 per cent water, which helps cool the body. If you get mouth ulcers due to excess body heat, drink coconut water twice a day, preferably early in the morning and in the afternoon, on an empty stomach. Do this for two or three days. It will cool down your body and indirectly help heal the ulcer. Also Read – Sore Tongue: 5 Effective Home Remedies to Relieve the Pain

Alternatively, you can also use coconut milk and gargle with it to get relief from mouth ulcers. This is, in fact, one of the best cures for mouth ulcers. Do it three to four times daily. You will notice that there is a significant reduction in your pain.

Why coconut water?

Mouth ulcers are usually the result of nutritional deficiencies also. Dehydration can also give you this condition. Coconut water is loaded with essential minerals and vitamins that are required for speeding up the body’s healing process. It is a nutritious hydrating drink that is easily available in the hot summer months. From magnesium to potassium to protein and fibre, coconut water has it all and more. It is also a potent sourced of antioxidants that can boost your immunity and keep you safe from many ailments. Its cooling effects are well known. In summers, all this can boost your health, keep you cool and increase your immunity. It helps you deal with the pain of mouth ulcers by proving your body with the nutrients required to fight the condition and keeping your body cool.

Published : February 9, 2021 12:58 pm | Updated:February 9, 2021 3:01 pm

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