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When: Friday, Feb 19th, 2021 – 6:00pm

Heart Chakra Meditation for Healing: The heart chakra is the center of our energy that connects our physical with our spiritual. Working with energy healing we learn that all the healing energies are channeled through the heart. Now is the time our heart chakra needs the most healing. Opening up your heart chakra opens you up to love and compassion for yourself and others. Join Reiki Master Jason for a guided meditation focusing on your heart chakra to allow you to heal physically, mentally and spiritually. Reiki energy will be shared (from a distance) during the meditation, and sound healing will be integrated along with all the benefits of the salt cave.⠀
Jason has been meditating for 14 years and continues to share his practice at his yoga studio that he and his wife own in Plainfield. In 2016 Jason went on a 10 day silent meditation retreat (Vipassana). After returning from his retreat he decided he wanted to share meditation with as many people as possible to show them the amazing benefits. He believes that meditation can help with every aspect of your life and you can see a change after meditating for just a short period of time.
This session is $50 and requires pre-registration. Space is limited. Please call 630-718-1111 for more details or to register.⠀New Protocol as of June 2nd 2020
All clients must have a temperature reading before entering the business with a reading of 99 or lower.
All clients must be wearing a face mask. (you may take it off in the salt cave)
There are only 6 chairs within the Cave space allowing for social distancing
Each client shall have an individual station in the cave which will have continuous air ventilation occurring during and in between sessions in an antimicrobial negative pressure environment.
We will continue to provide washed and sanitized blankets and change them after every session but you may bring your own
We ask that you respect our policies which include staying home when questioning your physical health.

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