My Evening Skincare Routine

Hey Vogue: I want to show you my evening skincare routine You asked me so many times about my skincare routine and I can say that thanks to this skincare my skin remains moisturized and beautiful and of course I can maintain my skin’s beauty.

Also thanks to my nutrition and my lifestyle I think it’s very important to take care of yourself and your skin. I would like to tell you that my skin wasn’t always in good condition I also had acne and still try to keep my skin in good condition So if you’re interested in how I got rid of acne, I will make another blog about it I do it every day before bed and let me tell you what skincare products I use.

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Let’s get started!!! Okay first I remove my makeup with this hypoallergenic gel it’s great for cleansing the face and you could already see that, I used this gel two years ago in my first skincare blog. It’s really good. Next, I clean my skin with this gel. It’s my favorite cleansing gel I bought it from my favorite clinic in Korea this gel cleanses pores very well I’m in love with this one and guys notice such an important detail that I don’t use towels I started using paper towels.

Since I had acne I started using paper towels right away, and you don’t have to rub your face too hard you just have to soak up the water from your face with gentle movements Okay guys now I’m gonna use facial toner You must use the toner after you washed your face and I also bought this toner from a Korean clinic I really like the products of this brand so this toner also helps to clean the face from dirt that has remained in the pores and also moisturizes the skin.

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I would like to tell you that I used unbleached cotton puffs It’s like organic. By the way, don’t forget to take care of your neck. I use a cucumber serum. This one is for damaged skin because a couple of months ago I had a very bad skin condition So I bought this one and I really liked it. So I will definitely buy this one again I’m gonna clean the skin around my eyes. I used two facial cleansing gels but look how much makeup is left on the skin around my eyes Oh my god!!!

Okay guys next step, I use a moisturizing cream I tried different moisturizing creams, but now I like to use this one It’s very economical and moisturizes the skin well, so this one is my favorite now next step and after the moisturizing cream I use lotion. My skin is very dry So this combination helps to moisturize my skin very well. My skin no longer looks very dry finally.

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Please don’t forget that the cream has to be rubbed into the skin within these moments Next step, guys please never forget to use eye cream. You should use eye cream Every day. Like you have to use it every day if you don’t want to get wrinkles earlier And finally lip balm. This brand is my favorite one. It moisturizes my lips very well It’s the best for me and you can use your favorite moisturizing lipstick and your lips will always look young, beautiful, and juicy (LOL) That’s it, guys.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and I use this skincare every day so your skin will always look young and beautiful and very good by the way if you want to see another blog about my morning skincare routine with different tips And also a blog about how I got rid of acne, then please leave your comments down below. Bye Bye!!!

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