With focused breathing, concentration and relaxation, meditation is supposed to allow people to take a step back from everything going on around them and focus on themselves and their inner peace.

Add a volcanic eruption into that equation, however, and that sense of serenity suddenly becomes much more difficult to achieve.

One person who is all too familiar with this conundrum is Jose Martins, who was on a trip to Guatemala last month when he decided to visit Fuego, one of Central America’s most active volcanoes.

Take a look at what happened during his visit below:

Jose set up camp on a mountain overlooking the volcano and spent the night there before deciding to enjoy some meditation the following morning.

Recalling the situation, he explained:

It was so cold and windy that our bodies almost couldn’t handle it so to abstract my mind about the cold, I started to meditate towards the sun and it was helping, but suddenly, bang!

Jose had set up a camera to record the serene setting, but he was caught off guard when the volcano in the background suddenly erupted, blasting a plume of smoke into the air.

The surprised man turned towards his companions as if to check he wasn’t seeing things, before turning back to the eruption and letting out a cry of, ‘Oh my God!’

According to Volcano Discovery, Fuego has been in ‘near constant activity’ throughout past centuries, with frequent ‘vigorous historical eruptions’ being recorded since 1524.

Eruptions have produced ‘major ashfalls, along with occasional pyroclastic flows and lava flows’.

That’s one meditation experience I’m sure Jose won’t be forgetting any time soon!

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