Meditation session seeks healing hearts

The four-day online meditation session will teach how to cultivate tenderness and kindness. photo courtesy of Vajrasiddha

Vajrasiddha, a Buddhist centre in Bangkok, presents an online meditation session that will take participants to find their “fire of life” inside their heart and soul on four consecutive nights starting today until Thursday from 8pm to 9.30pm.

A collaboration by the United Nations in Thailand, Facebook Thailand and the social change agency Love Frankie, the “Maitri Meditation — Embracing All Emotions With Loving-Kindness” will be conducted by Vichak Panich who will provide guidance about how to cultivate tenderness and kindness for all emotions and feelings everyone is facing as a human being.

Participants will be taught a simple way to meditate in order to open themselves to the grace and beauty of their own heart and learn how to cultivate space in their soul, which is the starting point of freedom, love, tenderness and openness to every experience.

The first session is “Maitri In The Body” where participants will learn the basics of somatic meditation and re-connect with the inherent nature of love and tenderness that is already in each of us.

The second session is “Transforming Negative Emotions To Maitri” where they will access their ability to transform negative emotions through their central channel and relate with all emotions and feelings in a liberating way within the space of their heart.

In the third session called “Maitri With One Selves”, they will extend maitri or loving kindness to every part of “me” and get back into the heart space, the parts that they keep rejecting again and again, and learn how to fully relate to their “wholeness”.

For the last session, “Maitri With Others”, they will practise loving kindness with their loved ones, those who they feel nothing towards and those who they despise. The session will guide them on how to return the “otherness” they usually perceive in someone or something else back to their heart space before expanding that loving kindness into compassion for all sentient beings in an unconditional way.

The four-day programme is recommended for any interested persons and those who previously attended the “Tender Heart Meditation” and the online meditation session with Vajrasiddha.

It will be conducted in Thai via the Zoom application. There is no admission fee but donations are welcome. Advanced registrations are required via

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