One common question you hear these days is: What did you take away from the pandemic-induced lockdown? My response: A new meaning of life. For, that period to me, was that of enlightenment.
Initially, the lockdown was so mundane and boring that even binge-watching on shows became unexciting after a while. It was doing nothing to stimulate my brain. That’s when I started meditation. I had no idea that 20 minutes of daily meditation would have such a tremendous impact on my life. I started to notice the change in me which made me realise how disconnected I had been from myself, the whole time.
When I closed my eyes and observed my breath, it helped me concentrate and enhance my creativity, patience and self-awareness. I gradually stopped being worried all the time — thinking about my future – and instead began to concentrate on the present and be calm. This process enabled me to discover who I really am, what my strengths and weaknesses are and how I can work on my negatives.
Soon enough, I mastered the art of managing my stress and time and strengthened myself to face the challenges confidently and fearlessly with a positive attitude, which I believe is of utmostimportance, especially to this generation of ours. It also helped me discover my passion, my interests, set goals and reach new heights.
Another factor that shaped my lifestyle was gardening. It made me understand the infinite bliss of nature. It taught me the purity of being grateful. Taking care of plants and watering them daily edified love, caring, and responsibilities. I also realised that happiness wasn’t something I should go looking for outside, but can find that only within myself. In fact, I even started to find them in very small things. Accepting, appreciating and having zero expectations led to no disappointments, which turned out to be my main cause of happiness.
Through this process of evolution during the lockdown, I have now come to believe that I am not weak and all the powers and the divinity needed to face life, lies within me.
(The writer is a third year BSc student)

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