press release: From generation to generation music has been utilized by the Black Community as a form of activism, healing, and freedom of expression. From the use of negro spirituals to uplift the spirits of enslaved peoples, to the arrangement of contemporary hip-hop tracks to call out systemic racism and oppression, throughout generations music has been used by Black people to reflect their internal and external situations.

This year, the UW community will celebrate the theme Music as Medicine: Evolution of Music in the Black Community by presenting a cohesive set of programming designed to highlight the various forms of Black music such as Negro Spirituals, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Hip Hop/Rap, Gospel, R&B, and more. We will also discuss the influence of those often ignored for their contributions to music, such as women in genres dominated by men.

Feb. 21: Join us for a guided meditation to Jazz music with an instructor. This event will be followed by a group discussion on the benefits of using music and meditation to relax. To attend RVSP at you will receive the link to connect prior to the event.

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