A new company which sources and customises a wide range of yoga accessories, as well as singing bowls, tingsha bells and water bottles, for luxury spas has been launched by Petra Roberts.

Roberts was a group spa manager and learning and development specialist for Mandarin Oriental for more than 13 years.

Get Knotted Yoga started as a sideline for her, but grew as more and more people liked the items she was sourcing and designing.

“We’re a small company with few overheads, giving us the flexibility to be able to sustain smaller orders,” says Roberts.

“It also means I can follow each order from start to finish to focus on quality control, logistics and great customer service.”

Get Knotted Yoga can supply yoga mats, made from materials such as PU, cork, rubber and faux suede, towels, bags and accessories.

Designs are eye-catching and everything can be customised or branded to some point for use in spas or for retail, she says. Or if there’s a particular style/sample a spa has in mind, Get Knotted Yoga can quote for that too.

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