► Try chair yoga

Give your body some gentle movement while seated in a supportive chair with a sturdy back. Participants will focus on intentional breathing and gentle stretching of the neck, arms and torso. February 7. Register on

Grow plants

In the Houseplant Design session, explore conditions and design ideas including lighting, humidity, size, textures and colours of plants in addition to decorative containers and other enhancements to create the look and feel you want. Participants will learn about individual plant needs and how plants often thrive when grouped together and given the correct conditions. February 7. Register on

Syrian flavours

Join Chef Allaa in her Syrian Cookery Class where she will share the secrets to traditional Syrian dishes. This is a great opportunity to learn a brand new cuisine, support an amazing cause and taste great food. The class will be conducted as an interactive virtual cook along session. February 8. 11.30 pm. Register on www.

Make soul cards

Register for the Soul Collage Zoom Workshop where you will create your own cards with deep personal meaning to help you with life’s questions. All you need is a good pair of scissors, pre-cut mat board cards, a glue stick and images. February 7. Register on www.

Tempted by tiramisu

In this lesson titled Italian Tiramisu From Scratch, you will learn how to make Italian ladyfi ngers biscuits and the original mascarpone cream for the dessert. One of the most famous Italian desserts, tiramisu’s creamy texture combined with the aromatic taste of coffee is truly irresistible. February 7, 11.30 pm. Register on


► Learn to meditate

Buddhist meditation techniques offer u s the opportunity to understand and transform the thought patterns that determine the quality of our life. Through sincerely following these methods we can fi nally break bad habits and enjoy more freedom and control over our life. The workshop is titled Evening Meditation Class Series — Transform Your Life One Thought at a Time. February 10. Register on

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