Conservative backbencher David Davis MP had beforehand known as for the UK Government to distribute vitamin D supplementation to society’s most at-risk of COVID-19. 

Mr Davis says Britain ought to observe the lead of the Spanish area of Andalusia, which distributed calcifediol, a vitamin D complement, to care house residents in November. 

Mr Davis stated: “Andalusia, with a population of eight million, had a Covid death rate of about 190 deaths per million in November higher than ours at the time.

“After giving out activated vitamin D to care home residents and some GP patients that death rate almost halved whilst ours was doubled.

“Can he ask his advisors to look urgently again at the very latest Spanish research around this cheap, safe and apparently effective treatment.”

Boris replied: “We will continue to monitor all the evidence about the efficacy of vitamin D and the treatment that mentions.

“I am well aware of and indeed we discussed it and I will keep him updated about the review that is currently taking place.”

Vitamin D is important when treating acute respiratory infections.

Reports obtained from earlier research spotlight Vitamin D’s profit on calcium and bone homeostasis, particularly in youngsters, the aged and osteoporotic sufferers. 

In addition, it has quite a lot of different very constructive results on the immune system and lung operate which might be essential in the battle in opposition to COVID-19.



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