Remedy Entertainment releases a size comparison chart to show how Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu sizes up against entities from Control.

Capcom has been building hype for its upcoming Resident Evil Village, particularly through a Resident Evil showcase event on January 21 that debuted gameplay and offered fans a release date to look forward to. However, players and other video game companies alike have latched onto the game’s standout new character Lady Dimitrescu; a vampire woman with protractible claws whom art director Tomonori Takano revealed to be 9’6″ tall via Twitter last week.

While many people already expressed interest in the character set to stalk protagonist Ethan Winters throughout Resident Evil Village, getting her official height led to plenty of memes comparing Lady Dimitrescu to various objects and characters. For example, the official Xbox Twitter account compared Lady Dimitrescu to the size of its recently released Xbox Series X console and a matching refrigerator yesterday.

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Remedy Entertainment followed suit today by comparing Lady Dimitrescu to characters from its critically acclaimed title Control, which has been in the news recently thanks to the launch of Control: Ultimate Edition with next-gen enhancements, as well as its availability through Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus. While the Resident Evil character towers over protagonist Jesse Faden, she is dwarfed by three creatures in Remedy’s model: A Hiss-infected Emil Hartman from Control‘s AEW expansion, the source of a paranatural mold, and an immense creature called the Former.

Control follows Jesse throughout the Oldest House, secret headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), as she becomes its Director and takes on various creatures and phenomenon set loose by the invasion of a cosmic force called the Hiss that threatens to take over all of humanity. The Former is an entity she can encounter multiple times throughout the game, though as the developer points out it usually does not have human teeth like in this Tweet. Remedy provides a link to concept art by Antti Puomio for those who want a better idea of its scale.

The mutations seen in Resident Evil Village‘s Lady Dimitriscu are likely a far-reaching result of the T-Virus that kicked off the series’ zombie apocalypse, but it’s not hard to imagine her fitting in with some of the entities being investigated by the FBC. Having the two games crossover makes sense, even with little more than this size comparison chart released by Remedy.

While survival-horror fans wait on the release of the next Resident Evil title, the more action-oriented gameplay and psychological horror of Control may make for a good distraction. The game and its two DLC expansions are seemingly more accessible than ever, and players can also make use of tech like ray-tracing with Control: Ultimate Edition.

Resident Evil Village releases May 7, 2021, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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