During lockdown, managing one’s mental health has been a struggle for many.

Thankfully, due to the tireless efforts of figures such as West Cumbria yoga teacher Ruth Hasson, the founder of FFyoga with Ruth, the transition to this ‘new normal’ has been made that bit easier.

“Twenty-two years ago I was diagnosed with post-natal depression, she explains.

“I’ve always loved doing yoga and meditation but after the birth of my son, one of my friends practically dragged me to the gym and within about six weeks, the depression began to lift and I started to feel like myself again. So I decided then, I wanted to help people feel better about themselves.”

“Yoga is all about a union between the mind and body and not only do you have physical benefits from helping you to keep more supple and flexible, it also helps you to be present in the here and now instead of worrying or feeling stressed. In this period, with so much pressure on a lot of people with home schooling, for instance.”

Ruth states that digitising her classes has been a gradual process that was ongoing prior to Covid.

“Prior to Covid, I was teaching in Bigrigg Village Hall, and was teaching all of my classes there.

“Around this time, I was already sending out voice meditations for people to follow via Whatsapp and so in that sense I was already making the classes more digital.”

The pandemic, did, of course, mean that classes were shifted online, a transition that has been successful.

“I set up a studio in the extension of my home and I teach all my classes from there,” she states.

“I decided to take my yoga classes onto my group on Facebook, FFyoga with Ruth. I have been teaching via live classes since then. A lot of people have said to me that the classes are keeping them entertained and sane!

“So I decided to open up a new group- Strike a Pose- that was completely online. So it’s been nearly a year now on social media and we have about 60 members.”

“There’s about 10 months worth of yoga videos in our archives now, which they can access, all of which are easy to follow.”

Setting up a thriving community has been very rewarding, Ruth vows.

“Setting up a community of people has been great.

“It really makes me feel good to see people who’ve never tried it before get involved.

As I’m still getting motivated and ready for work, so it makes a big difference for me too.”

You can contact Ruth directly via her Facebook page on: https://www.facebook.com/ffyogawithruth

Alternatively you can get in contact via phone at: 07712595005

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