Yoga blocks, the brick size accessories that you may have seen at your yoga class, aren’t just for beginners. They can help you balance better in an unstable position, act as an aid in difficult poses, and even allow you to take stretches further, in order to warm your body up.

However, it isn’t just a matter of one size fits all. You may prefer square over rectangle, cork over foam, or even choose to spend a little more to make sure it’s made from sustainable materials. Foam blocks tend to be better sprung and can help you ease into movements you’re not familiar with, while cork blocks are sturdier and are better for balancing positions such as a half-moon pose.

We set ourselves up on our yoga mats, and practised everything from forward bends to revolved triangles, in order to discover which are the best yoga blocks on the market right now. We also looked at flexibility, price, support and how easily you can store them, so that you can make the right choice when you’re buying your next yoga block.

Closeup of Lululemon yoga block

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1. Lululemon yoga block

The best yoga blocks for flexibility


Price: £18 / $18 (about AU$25)

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