Jennifer Garner uploaded a video to Instagram on Feb. 21, 2021 that featured the brunette beauty in her white spacious bathtub. She appeared to have nothing on besides a necklace and a bracelet as she gave tips for her hair care routine. Viewers were given a peek of her all-white bathroom as the tub was centered between two windows with a large plant visible in the background.

The camera cut to a closeup of Garner as she presented a hair mask product while concealing her body out of frame. She applied the product to her hair and a three-minute timer appeared on the screen. Garner was shown playing in the tub with her tied up while she waited for the timer to expire. When the three minutes were up she dipped her head back into the water. The camera cut, and she emerged from the tub with her luscious hair in a full blowout. Garner smiled for the lens and used the edge of the tub to cover her chest while showing off her locks.

Fans flooded the replies with supportive comments. “Hahahahaha I love this. Hair looks radiant,” one follower wrote. Another joked, “I’ll have whatever SHE’S having!!!” “I’ll try whatever you tell me to,” an Instagram user commented. “Does she ever age?” one fan asked.

Even with three kids and a busy work schedule, Garner manages to look stunning at seemingly all times.

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