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In the style evolution of my comfortable pants histoire, first there were gauchos. Wide-legged cotton pants, clipped at the shins, and dyed neon purple and blue that shook like hula dancers anytime I walked. I wore them until they frayed and were replaced by yoga pants, low on the hips and long in the legs. I gave up my beloved pants when everybody else did, opting for tight, high-waisted leggings that cinched my ankles and accentuated my butt.

But when the pandemic started, I let my jeans collect dust and instead pulled out a long-forgotten pair of bootcut yoga pants, faded and stretched from use. It was clear these were hardly wearable (and more likely synonymous with trash). But since it was looking like many days ahead would be spent lounging in comfortable clothes, I wanted to up my legging count — without damaging my bank account.

And so I stumbled upon these Lululemon-lookalike bootcut yoga pants — plenty high-waisted with broad bottoms — that were quite the steal at just $23 on Amazon. The pants are part nylon, part spandex and extremely soft, the type of clothing you could wear all day long. I usually pull them on to lounge in, or I’ll slide them on for my daily walks around the neighborhood. I’ve also found success wearing them while working out, as they’re built with moisture-wicking material that absorbs my sweat so I’m not left sopping wet after a HIIT class.

Shop now: $14 with coupon (Originally $23); amazon.com

Amazon shoppers, too, can’t seem to switch back to other tight-fitting leggings, with one person writing, “Where have these been all of these years? Comfortable, flattering, stylish-looking. Dress them up or dress them down. So comfy I’d gladly sleep in them. My husband is making fun of me because I’ve been prancing around the house in them.”

“These are the best yoga pants I’ve ever had,” another said. “Very well made, thick enough to not be see-through, but not too thick to be uncomfortable in the summer. I can’t wait to buy more!”

Available in sizes small through XXlL, the yoga pants come in a handful of colors, like navy, leopard, and white tie-dyeL. At the time of writing, a number of colors have been marked down enough to warrant purchasing at least two pairs. Revel in some much-needed comfort by rejoining the bootcut yoga pants crew and shopping the Promover Bootcut Yoga Pants on Amazon.

Shop now: $21 with coupon (Originally $23); amazon.com

Shop now: $21 with coupon (Originally $23); amazon.com

Shop now: $21 with coupon (Originally $23); amazon.com

Shop now: $15 with coupon (Originally $23); amazon.com

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